Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some updates, looking ahead

Since this E3, I cant help but feel as if a new PSP was launched, as the support from Sony and other devs have been tremendous. I mean we are not just talking about 2 or 3 high profile games, but more and added features like recently unveiled video store direct download, comic store and host of great games like MGS: Peace Walker, Gran Turismo, Resident Evil just to name a few. As if PSP is given a 2nd, better life. Even though I dont have a PSP it got me excited, maybe this Fall I will get one.

I am playing Fallout 3 again to get my platinum back, I thought it would be a boring or will feel like a chore or something, still somehow the game still amazes me and really great way to release stress for some reason. I am one of those hardcore Fallout and Elder Scrolls fan and I try to dig up everything about the gameworld, its really rewarding to find out more yourself then the game throwing the details at you, Bethesda have created such rich worlds, even thought their games are really buggy which is bad.
Last but not least, I am stalking The Dark Knight at Arkham Asylum. I really feel this is it, the game that I have been waiting since I was a child but never came, a dark gritty batman game (a child wishes dark gritty batman game, something is wrong for sure!).

Thats it for now, next blog I will post about some of my anticipated games and updates on the on-going operation 'take it back'- fancy sentence for getting back as much trophies as I can.

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