Thursday, December 3, 2009

I am 69 Star Kid!

I finally finished all the Special Ops missions in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2! For that I got this shiny gold trophy! For those who don't know. Special ops is a new co-operative mode in Call of Duty which can be also played solo. Playing solo iis twice as difficult because of the larger number of enemies at once and objectives are designed for 2 players, so playing solo is twice is hard, think much harder than veteran mode in Campaign mode, also you dont have any save checkpoints which makes it even harder! I am happy and proud to say that I finished all the spec ops missions solo on veteran (except two of them which requires 2 players mandatory). WOHOO! Getting close to MW2 Platinum.

As for other news I am excited of the recent news that Medal of Honor is going modern and going more authentic than Modern Warfare 2 and more believable storyline. Also EALA is a great team who will handle the Campaign portion, and of course the DICE guys, Battlefield is still my fav online warfare game and I cant wait to see what these guys can come up with in the new Medal of Honor.

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