Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just like the good old days

 My favorite installment in  the series, either this or Porsche Unleashed.

During my early days into gaming, I could associate myself with some of the franchises which initially pulled me towards gaming, and one of them was none other than the Need For Speed series. I am a huge fan, at least I was for most of it's lifetime until the series lots its way with the more recent installments. It tried to add a story, open-world and what not and not only failed to make those new additions or changes interesting, but at the same time forgot what the series was all about. The series drifted & 'shifted' out of it's track and ended up on a completely new road which felt very unfamiliar to me and long time fans alike.

Then came a latest in the series to date, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. As with the namesake, the game from the creators of Burnout series was clearly focused to drive the franchise back to it's original lane, and by God they succeeded!

It feels soooo good to be back!

 No more bullshit storyline to worry about, it's just you, your car and the road and nothing else. The game features less Honda and more of the car's you really want to drive but can't in your lifetime. It goes with some of the most beautiful racing environments in any racing game, some of them a clear homage to the previous NFS titles. Also the Autolog can be so addicting, just a message on the upper right corner blinking that your friend has beaten your time by .89 seconds really punches the manly hood inside you.

I'm really glad that one of my oldest favorite franchises gone back to it's roots, even if for a short '*cough* Run *cough*.

Also fans of Assassin's Creed might want to check out this interesting article from New Scientist, recent advancements in genetic memory may lead to an animus near you.

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