Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Vision of The End

Close to my dream, not exactly.

I had a dream that day did come true. This was one afternoon in the golden sun as I was walking through; there was this this sermon, for Death. Death was crucified; a lot of people were there... the chairs stretched into the horizon. I looked across and I saw people digging, I was intrigued and thought it was for those who didn't made it, but it was something else entirely...they were digging people out. I saw this one senior giving his hand to help out a young man. The old man asked, 'are you my...' before the young man interrupted him and said 'yes...I am your great great grandpa, can you help me look for my father's grave?' Wives were crying to see their love once more standing right in front of them, orphans no longer had to carry that title... it was scary...but it was so beautiful.

Sudden gush of wind pulled me out of that trance, felt like something was coming really fast. I looked left and right but I couldn't see anything coming by. Then I saw people looking up in the sky and some started to cheer, as I looked up and saw horses flying across the sky extremely fast, one of the horses was at blaze with fire. I asked the nearest person what were those, the man replied 'Why, those are the horses of the apocalypse,freed from their masters (four horsemen)'.

It ended...when I saw...a certain person I lost long ago... I looked at first... I couldn't believe she was standing right in front of me…as beautiful as the day I saw her. I shed a tear, I wanted to rush and lift her up and kiss her, but it all felt too good to be true. As I turned my back and tried to walk away, she held my hand stopped me. I turned and still not convinced…then she whispered something to me "You + me = happy ending", she told me that before she died of cancer 5 years ago. I took her hand, and kissed her, it just felt just like the first time.

Then I heard a woman shout, "Come on you two! We are celebrating the end time with a grand feast, go grab the best seats while you can!". We looked at each other, smiled…took her hand and as we went over there…my dream started to fade away slowly.

We met at a golden beach, perhaps that influenced my dream?

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