Monday, April 1, 2013

What is Heavy Metal?

If one thing is certain about me, I love heavy metal...heck I live and breathe heavy metal. So what exactly is heavy metal? Sure it means a lot of thing to a lot of different people, but the core idea is always the same.

To the regulars, heavy metal is a super loud sound, noisy guitars, hardly melodic and of course lyrics which you can hardly understand. How can this be music? Let alone how it attracted legions of diehard followers behind it?

Well...the thing is, we perceive all those noises in a different way. To us, its not noise, its not even just music, its... a constant message. A message that radiates ideologies around freedom. Freedom to accept yourself, it becomes the fuel that powers you to shield yourself from being constrained by society. Everyone of us perhaps didn't have the best of childhood can offer, we perhaps went through experiences no kid ever should. This formed aggression, but aggression can be a bad thing if you can't control it and misdirect it. It then becomes vital that someone who understands and guides this aggression to reach your epic goals. Heavy metal understands this aggression, and does just that.

When I was a kid back in school, I was considered awkward by many. Guys would make fun of me, Girls would brush me away in every chance they got. On top of all that, I was shy and I always played Life safe. So much that all these factors confined me a little box which later proved...impossible to get out of. Like all of us, I had a crush on a girl back in school, but my box didn't let me speak out loud and... I missed my chance. At one point, I gave up and just didn't care how pathetic I was becoming. Then, Metal came to my life and put control back into my reins. I needed a restart, and metal provided just that with a serious kick in the right direction. Soon, instead of just looking and admiring the pretty girl in the distance, I was able to go up to her and make a conversation, heck was even able to ask them out on occasions. Sure it didn't always went in my way, but I stood my ground and never backed down, which undoubtedly was something I was really proud of.

Heavy metal is not a music, it is a passenger taking a seat by your life's journey. It will clutch your arm and hold you in anyway it can during the rockiest parts of your journey. When the load becomes unbearable, it will take some of the load onto itself so you can take some respite  And finally, as long as you're true to it, it will reflect it upon you. It will never leave you by your side until your journey is complete.

So what is Heavy Metal? Its a shit load of things and is different entity in different parts of your epic journey. At the end of it, you will realise, its you.

I am Heavy Metal. 


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