Friday, May 10, 2013

So I played FUSE demo a while ago and here is what I think

Anyone else tried the Fuse demo? Since it is a co-op game, I tried matchmaking several times and couldn't find any players. So I played the first part of the demo, solo...well the AI took over the other 3 characters but no real human players so I am calling it solo. Anyways, you can switch between character. I honestly didn't find it comfortable switching, so I sticked with 1 player. Basically 4 people squad, 4 unique weapons, 4 unique abilities.

First part of the demo didn't do much for me, however the 2nd part was hectic and this is where I believe coop and teamwork really needed to come together in some fashion in order to succeed. Since I couldn't find players, I had to make do with AI squad mates. They are okay, they help you take out bad guys, provide medical support when you need it...but, on this half of the demo when things got a lot tense, they tend to lose their cool and would break off from the teamplay. It was not until a 2nd player joined I could finish this part. So yea, I guess it shouldn't come to any surprise that there is no substitute for human player, and Fuse is no exception. Overall, I would say I was...okay with the demo, it wasn't bad or anything, at the same time there was nothing great about it. Lets see how the final game turns out shall we?

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