Friday, May 17, 2013

Why do I use Google Plus?

Ask any of my friends, I am an odd person in many ways. I think in a weird angle, I listen to music that is..not exactly music to most people and finally I use +Google+  more than Facebook.

I have been using Google+ for a very long time now. And honestly, I tend to use it more and more each week. If you think you will wait until your friends start to use them, then don't, it will most likely never happen anytime soon. I use it to make new friends, however...the major draw to Google+ for me is user-generated content. Instead of news and entertainment content curated by professionals, these content are from ordinary people like you and me. What makes it so different is how 'human' the whole thing feels. Sure Facebook has it's share of user-generated content, but is nowhere near the same veins as Google+; which not only has a pool of much smarter, interesting people but also much better tools integrated in the network to help with pushing the content and spreading the word. Also the feed helps me connected with news from pages I care about better (more content, less information on stuff I don't bother)

On a side note  I got deep into the photo tools of Google+ yesterday. I took the photos with my S3 and done all the post processing within Google +. I’d say the results are pretty damn good.

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