Saturday, June 8, 2013

Megadeth - Super Collider review

Heading towards the launch of Megadeth's 14th album, Dave Mustaine told us his new album will be 'faster, louder, harder', I was very optimistic of finally getting an album close to the deadly trio of Killing is My Business, Peace Sells but Who's Buying and Rust in Peace. 

Months leading up to the launch, Megadeth released some tracks from their album: The cover song Supercollider and Kingmaker. At first I was not sure what the album will be like, as Supercollider sounded really bad...but Kingmaker was decent. Finally the day came when I got the album as well as the legendary return of Black Sabbath with their 13th album titled....13 (who do everyone keep doing  that, no its not lucky!)

I'm not gonna talk about Sabbath in this post, but suffice to say their album makes a very solid argument why why the fathers of heavy metal is still around. So! How is Supercollider? Good or Bad? No, it'sUglyy.

Upon finishing up the Supercollider album, I was extremely pissed and sad at the same time. It is more of a  hard rock album than something hardly can be called metal...let alone thrash. The whole set felt very refined, clean, melodic, nice....yeah...that's definitely not metal and at times I felt like I was listening to an alternative band!

Megadeth basically experiment way too much and completely destroyed the soul of their sound. It was and it always is about hitting hard and hitting fast. It's not about sounding melodic as possible, that is why we have rock n roll and alternative.

Megadeth, it is never too late, do yourself and fans a favor and listen to the first three albums you guys released. The past is always there not so because you have to constantly put distance between it and yourself, but it should be there to remind you guys who you really are. It is just like a mirror if you think about it: the further you go from it the harder you will be able to see  yourself, so instead why not come closer and embrace the past to accept yourself. You guys are metal band, one of the pioneers of the most brutal form of musical expression...why sing to make your point when you can shout?

UPDATE: It seems Megadeth banned me from their Facebook page for saying their new album sounds hard rock. Wow...they would have gotten a heart attack if I posted my review there LOL.

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