Wednesday, October 9, 2013 might wanna thank Rock n Roll

People don't understand the huge significance of rock n roll notice a very very different change in clothing, especially for women from 70s and onwards before clothing was very closed, conservative.

 Women's fashion during the in 1960s

But during the 70s, clothes became smaller and more revealing with the rebel era. They expressed rebellion with smaller clothes and which caused a problem with the congress at one point rock n roll artists attended and fought back on the meeting wearing those type of clothes the congress thought they had this in the bag and people who played rock n roll were illiterate but, man they were wrong.

Women's Fashion during the 1970s, welcome Rock n Roll!

Fast forward: we have women's clothes like bikinis, mini skirts and what not it all started back in 1971.
The point I'm trying to make? Well...rock n roll is beyond just mere music. It is the invisible freight train that demolishes anything that stands between creative expression through clothes, art, thoughts and incinerates political propaganda. Almost every thought and struggles of modernization stems back to it. Rock n Roll is all about conquering one's fears and then uniting together in helping to change the world for the better, not just for yourself, but more importantly for the others. It stands for the ultimate, uncompromising FREEDOM.

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