Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Toxic Nature of Gaming.

I am a big PS3 fan, but I never failed to see it's short comings or notice things Sony did wrong or the competition did better. Ever since I switched to PC as my primary platform, it opened my eyes even further, I really don't care about platforms and their fanboy 'wars', I just care about the games. With this new outlook in my gaming life, I never been any happier while playing.

Today, I went to see N4G.com (a reddit like page where gamers post news stories) and realized the mess I left behind. The fanboys, used to be run by xbox fans in comments when it started several years ago, but for the past 3 years or so its completely run by Sony fanboys. What I find really fascinating and disturbing at the same time is their mindset, if something remotely legitimately negative comes about the PS brand or Sony, the poster gets thumbed down, yelled at for hours. Their common 'attack' right now against Xbox for example is they talk resolution and frames per second, granted, many of them have no idea what it is. Double standards seems to be a fully fledged weapon they use frequently: Talk about Drive Club's 30fps limitation, suddenly it doesn't matter anymore. If you talk about PC, they bring their list of exclusives and attack the PC by mentioning how you need a 2000$ PC to best the PS4, which is absurd obviously and no amount of logic does anything to help them.

Really, the fanboy atmosphere is extremely toxic. I will admit I myself love certain brands, but I love to equally criticize them. They don't own me nor I own them. Really wish this sort of cult disappears, as long as they are active, gaming will never flourish and will be treated as a poor man's entertainment industry.

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