Monday, August 17, 2009

Cant wait to RAGE-ing through the wasteland!
Fallout 3 proved that exploring wasteland can be a blast, even though admit it was hampered little by many glitches of the game. Now we have a game that not only manages to creates its own unique version of wasteland with its own story, but what got me excited are 3 things.

1: Shooting mechanics: Finally a shooter at heart, judging from the gameplay and the history of id, it definitely wont disappoint even a little.

2: Graphics and overall polish: id games are one of the few developers with no fixed release window which results one of the most polished games in the market. id tech 5 is great, and just amazing that it can render such beautiful graphics under 60FPS!

3: Vehicle gameplay - It will be really fun and chaotic!

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