Thursday, August 13, 2009

Really bad week, lost my legacy

I am one of those gamers who are hooked with the Trophies or Achievement system of the next-gen consoles. As they are not only a good way of earning bragging rights for a particular game, but also it adds tons of replyability in the game. For example I would have never have gone through the trouble to get all the 100 + blast shards in the game inFamous, but it had trophies for them so I practically scoured the whole city block by block and found all of them. I was proudly the owner of 4 platinums, but now they are all gone. Why? Because sadly I fell victim of fake credit card transaction. Over here in Bangladesh we dont have international credit card system in plac, but there are vendors who actually provide the service for a a percentage of the transaction. Unfortunately my vendor used fake credit card, and after about a week after the transaction by account is suspended what it seams forever.

I am really sad, especially after the news came from the Official Playstation Blog that trophies have further developed onto the web and now one can compare trophies on the web as well as show it to everyone with the new updated card system. I guess I could go through and play some of the games again to get some of the platinums back. So far I think I will go for inFamous (again), Resident Evil 5, Fallout 3 (again), Uncharted (again). Wish me luck. And above is the video of the new trophy features of

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