Monday, August 31, 2009

Got Fallout 3 platinum

Yeah I got it 4 days ago, cant believe I got it in just under a week of play! As for other games, I am playing Resident Evil 5 hoping to get the platinum. Although this will take a lot of time because I need to have a unlimited magnum before I want to try out the game on the professional difficulty, not to mention several trophies which requires you to play a lot just to gain enough points to buy out all the weapons and upgrade them, so it will take a while.

I am also playing Killzone 2 singleplayer and multiplayer, still feels fresh and solid, and yeah the graphics still blows me away. The singleplayer is solid with great enemy AI, although it is very disappointing that the game doesn't have Co-op, I mean Killzone 2 would have been 10 times more fun and sometimes less frustrating if you had a friend giving you a hand in the campaign. It is easily the the FPS of the year contender for me, and easily beats the likes of what Call of Duty have done in recent years, and Modern Warfare 2 doesn't look to do anything new and different just the usual a bit better graphics (still along way from Killzone 2 level of visual prowess) and new perks.

In fact I might not even get Modern Warfare 2, instead I will get Assassin's Creed 2. Loved the original with its conspiracy storyline and great sandbox world. AC 2 is even more better thanks to an assassin with personality this time around so we should connected  to this character Ezio more than we did with Altair. Also the fact that its in Italy, I love everything about Italy. I cant pass this one.

Also I will finally start playing the MGS for the PS One which I downloaded a month back. The reason I didn't play because I had exams going on and its a MGS game..... it deserves all the time in the world. Cant wait to play one of the best games ever made and then move to MGS 4 which to me is the 2nd favourite game of all time. Great deep story, fantastic cinmatics, voice over, music, gameplay makes it a stunning package, a masterpiece by Hideo Kojima.

Well that's it, in a weeks time I will be putting on the cowl and get myself a copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum, the batman game we all been waiting for a very very....very long time:).

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