Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PS3 firmware 3.00 is neat


After lack luster updates the 3.00 finally came and has some neat enhancements and small features. The user interface is changes with 'whats new' which starts as soon as you start your console, its a great place to start as it features 3 recently played games and stuff around the world of PS from new games to videos. The animated background is really neat, although I haven't tested out the feature yet as you need to buy a theme with that supports that feature, so far I think there is just 1 right now at the store which is of sackboy running across the globe, one neat thing about that theme is it changes automatically with the time. There will also be premium avatars, again I couldn't tested out that one yet. There is a small slight change in friends list and European owners get some cool TV icon witch they can watch some TV channels and catch up with with some shows, but that does not concern me. Friends list is displayed differently, I like this way as it consumes less screen space. Last but not least, when you turn on the system the new PS3 logo is displayed, I love this logo and whenever you play a game, you know longer get the 'PLAYSTATION 3' logo, which should save some good 3 seconds off a game's load time. So thats it, its a pretty nice update, but it really doesn't necessarily add new new features, just refined ones other than dynamic background. This is definitely a cool update.

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