Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Was playing Resident Evil 5, and shouted Holy Shit!

My intentions on that day was to complete the game on professional difficulty, the highest difficulty in the game, its pretty easy when you have unlimited magnum. Anyways paired up with a dude online, and noticed he had a rocket launcher, well...unlimited rocket launcher, which is like the most powerful weapon in the game, boses go down with just 1 shot. Anyways the final level was finished, it turns out not only we had just finished the game in pro, but I also finished the entire game in 4 hrs and 15 mins, thats under 5 I unlocked the unlimited rocket launcher through that dude, lol, sweeet! Now I just need to upgrade some weapons to the max and the platinum is mine!

Next blog is about my hype for uncharted 2 and hopefully finish my Batman: Arkham Asylum review.
Later dudes.

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