Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finished Batman Arkham Asylum

It is easily one of my favourite games of all time, I was never been addicted so much since Oblivion and MGS 4. It truly captures what is Batman all about why he is the most feared hero in the entire universe, despite being an ordinary man. I tried to find faults for the game, other than how stiffly Batman moves... I couldn't find any, I tried so hard but I couldn't find any real faults for the game. I unlocked most trophies, played the game on hard from get go, got all collectibles; oh yeah this is the first game ever I actually enjoyed alot collecting the stuff needed to collect, I loved the puzzles and riddles of riddler! But I dont think I will ever get the platinum for this as there is a small series of trophies which is extremely difficult: Free flow combat challenges, it gets tougher every time u move on, you need to make sure you are flawless and build a big combo in every 4 rounds which makes it one of the hardest platinum trophies ever. The entire game in hard is really challenging, and hence it felt really good finishing the game.

This year's dark horse is riden by the Dark Knight himself.

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