Monday, February 8, 2010

Bad Company 2 Demo Impressions

Truth be told, my gaming origins started from the glory days of PC gaming. I was so good at games such as Quake III, Unreal Tournament. However, it was not until Battlefield 2 came that really shook things off for online multiplayer. It proved that huge scale all out vehicle, on-foot combat can co-exist. I was never been so addicted to online multiplayer as I was with BattleField 2.

I had to move to console gaming since the start of this gen as it was more cost effective and most games came to the console. But there was always a gap that needed to be filled for the consoles which the BattleField 2 filled for the PC. Enter Bad Company 2

I tell you what, dont let the name fool you, this is battlefield game through and through and it is the best multi-player experience I had on a console and greatly mimics of those days of PC multiplayer gaming, and this is just from the demo! I played the PS3 Beta of the game so I had unfair advantage on the demo, I dont wana brag but, of my total 25 playthroughs of the demo, I was never placed below 3rd position and always WON. Thats right 25/0 so far. But I dont have with those aims in mind, this game is incredibly fun and addicting. The controls are just perfect, not twitchy like Call of duty series, and weapons obey the laws of projectiles; hence if you wana snipe a guy, make sure to have crosshair above his head if you wana score a headshot, as it will go like an arc if the distance is too much? I am really good with this, I completely dominated several matches using a Sniper, directing orders to my squad, pinpointing enemies for them to pick them off or help them along their way. The thrill of kissing the snow and pulling out the .50 cal over the cliff where you have an aerial view of the entire battlefield is exilirating. Also lurking amidst the trees, spotting unfortunate souls managed to find their way towards my territory. Not many people can snipe from where I was, mostly because projectile model of the weapons come to play (sometimes their bullets never go the far they intend), however I really got the hang of it so I can almost calculate in my mind where to aim for, and where the bullet will go.

I am also no slouch with the Assault class I get runs of 4-6 streaks easily. I mostly stick to the shadows, wait for my squad to come towards me and then attack the objective, this way you have better chance to arm the objective. Perhaps the best thing about the game, its really rewarding to play as a Squad, if you dont you will loose. Infact it is so damn serious that everyone plays as a team or try to which is really good to see.

Then there are vehicles, I am not good with them, especially the chopper after an...hmmm...incident where I crashed it. But a good player with supporting team can really control the battlefield with vehicles. This is when, I am sniper, I place a dart on the enemy tank. I radio in my friend to fire a RPG, which directs and goes homes in on the dart and boom.

Its amazing game, those who didn't try to the demo yet, I suggest you do. Easily one of the 3 must-buy for me on the 1st half of the year.

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