Sunday, February 6, 2011

What do you guys think of EA Online Pass?

I absolutely hate it! So the rebel that I am, I'm taking the initiative and created a petition. Stand up and speak up for yourself and fellow gamers:

Petition Against EA online pass

What is online pass? - Paying additional 10$ to access multiplayer and content that should be bee free & no justification for additional cost.
Sign in

Make sure to spread the word as much as you can and as regularly as you through the power of blogs, Twitter, Facebook and use forum and blog signatures as a link to the petition. The more vote we get, the more likely it will happen. Power to the gamers! \m/

Note: You will get the code to place the widget like I placed on the right of my blog once you signed for the petition. It is highly attractive and guarantees to get more signatures :)

Long version:
According to EA about their Online Pass- "expands your quest for glory by fully immersing you in the entire sports experience. Activating your Online Pass gives you full access to online features and bonus content." Which basically means they are screwing you to pay for online and/or accessing a bulk of content.
Video games are as expensive as it is, online pass is a total slap in the face of all of us. Many of us have been supporting EA for a long time and this is what we get in return. We pay our hard earned money to buy sealed video games, however many of us just can't always afford new games and instead of EA being supportive of used game market and gamers in general, they are the only company that charges you around 10$ just to play online and access content that makes no sense to justify additional cost . Their system of online pass creates lots of problems like:

  • You cannot exchange games with a friend as the EA game you are exchanging with or for won't allow you to play online
  • Resell value is very low: Video games are expensive and sometimes we like to sell games we might not play anymore to help us buy new ones.
  • This also applies to the person who might not be able afford to buy a new game of a particular old title, but could afford to buy a used game. The person needs to re-think his/her decision if its an EA game as they won't be able to play online or access a whole lot of content. This most likely causes that person to buy a used game from a different publisher.
  • The online pass code are region locked from my experience on the PS3. So if you have a Hong Kong code, you won't be able to redeem it with a US account. Even if you managed to redeem the code with a separate Hong kong PSN account, chances are the 'key' to play online or access the content is only applicable to the hong kong account, which you only use to redeem content but do not intend to use it to play online.

I live in Bangladesh, I have experienced lots of problems with the online pass from my personal experience. Over here we get mixed region games for the ps3, sometimes we get region 1 or 2 or 3. I had bought a new FIFA 11 which was region 3 and packaged from Korea. I tried to unlock the code with my US (region1) and Hong Kong (region3) account, but it won't accept. The only way for it to work is to create a Korean account, which is next to impossible as you need a citizen ID for that. I contacted EA and they managed to give me a US unlock code, I redeemed it and downloaded the small file, I thought it worked but still it didn't. It will only accept region 3 'key' downloads. So basically I will not be able to play FIFA 11 online.
I request EA to remove this 'Online Pass' from their games in the future. If they don't they will definitely loose a lot of our support for their products.
Thank you

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