Friday, August 19, 2011

Why I follow the Creed

Wish I was there, 15th century Italy was a very romantic time

There are many reasons why one would love the Assassin's Creed series. For some it is the captivating story full of conspiracy that fantastically links several decades apart. For others it is the fluid controls that makes jumping from roof to roof and assassinating your target in clever ways with a press of a few buttons; no small thanks to how open ended the gameplay is.Most of the time your creating your own adventure instead of following a linear method to accomplish it like most games do.

I asked the same question last night, why I love Assassin's Creed? I love the way the series does a great job holding your hand and taking you to a different timeline. I decided to close my eyes at one point in the game; I could hear the soothing music of 15th century Rome providing the backdrop for the entire experience, then I heard a horse gallop past by, a thief picked the horse man's pocket and ran. The man yelled and several guards went after the chase; I could tell all those just from the sound and its a testament of the great job Ubisoft did creating such a beautiful city.

One powerful moment came later that night: I was playing Brotherhood in the city of Rome, it was night and as I just started to make my way towards a mission...I stopped climbing for a moment when I saw something really special. Right below me was a couple gazing at the stars, holding each others arms while the man looked into his beloved's eyes and sang to her. She was shy, but you can sense how deeply in love they were. Even the moon realized the beauty of the scene as she casts her silver veil over couple to protect them from all brutality taking place elsewhere in Rome. I came back to my senses and then I spotted my target, and to my surprise he was standing near to the couple by the ledge.  So I made my way around them, shimmied by the ledge and put my blade through his back and pulled him down, as silently as I could so I didn't disturb their moment. Sure it made things a lot longer than it could have been but... it was worth it. I consider myself a romantic guy and even though the character polygons and facial details were very low for the couple, the soothing music and the calm light made it look all so real and beautiful.

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