Friday, September 30, 2011

I hearby declare this month, September +


This month has been utterly amazing ride for PlayStation fans. I am one of the early adopters of PlayStation Plus. I subscribed the service for a year and 3 months for only 50$. Being an early adopter of the service, I was not sure whether I will get  my money's worth of content by the end of the subscription, well I got my answer by the end of the 1st month. The first month alone I got 30$ out of my 50$ deposited for Plus, and I had like 14 more months worth of content left to go! You don't need to complete any complicated equation to find out the value. So basically I can be confident of PlayStation Plus to offer a steady stream of content delivered straight to my PS3 each month. It doesn't even stop there, what is even more awesome? Well, I noticed the quality of the content and amount of free stuff steadily increased over the months since it's initial introduction. Plus had some really stellar months, but I think its a safe bet to say the month of September was the best yet for the service. Just look at the amount of stuff I got from this month:

  • Resident Evil 1+2+3+4 HD for only 10$! (Along with tons of free avatars and theme)
  • Plants vs Zombies for free!
  • Uncharted 2 - All DLCs! (Along with tons of free avatars and theme)
And lots more! These are just tip of the iceberg this month. Really whichever way you see it, 50$ a year for content like this every now then is a steal in my book. I doubt Sony can make much profit out of this service, it is more of their way of giving back to us loyal fans that have been supporting them in all the good times, as well as the bad times.

It doesn't even end there, early this month PlayStation held a contest, that they were "looking for a few good gamers to help us with a special assignment related to our new Long Live Play campaign". The contest required you to post a decent quality picture of yourself in your gaming room and submit it along with a write up on why they should choose you, in 30 words or less.

After 2 days I got back an email from them and told me I was in! They sent me some legal papers which gives them the right to use my photograph in their commercial. I printed the papers, signed and scanned them before sending them back. A day after that I got the reply that confirms me to be part of this marketing campaign. The details of the campaign were vague, but it did mention the commercial was called 'Michael', yeah...still very vague!

So all in all, a great month. Even though, same couldn't be said in my personal life as my best friend *foreva* left me to study in UK, best of luck to Miss Nova and love you lots!

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