Monday, September 3, 2012

A new trailer for a new Metal Gear solid game, a new heart attack

It almost seams like a tradition at this point, a new Metal Gear Solid gets announced via a trailer and I'm left with trying to screw my jaws back in.  I watched the new MGS trailer 35 times to date. Every time a new MGS arrives, I get hyped to the point of a mini heart attack! The engine looks incredible, it is often we hear developers boast about their engines, but only few actually back up those with jawdropping gameplay like this.

What is amazing is, even though it was running on the PC, it was not some ultra high end PC, but a similarly configured to the PS3. Which means a PS3 visuals would be really close to what was shown. Fox engine might just be that alien engine that makes a 6 year old hardware look next-gen.

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