Friday, May 24, 2013

Microsoft finally pulls the Xbox out of it's disguise

I think Microsoft never really cared much about gaming with their Xbox brand. What they wanted was to infiltrate the living rooms and set up a base for another purpose. The only way to do it at that time was to make a game console in disguise.

At that time, a game console was the only kind of system people were willing to buy and put it in their living rooms. With Xbox 360 finally infiltrating the living rooms, the stage was set for Xbox One to finally show the system's true all around entertainment machine in the center of your place. Then we connect the dots and see Microsoft's true intent behind the Xbox brand: an entertainment system taking the center of your household. Now that their objective is complete, it seems no surprise that Microsoft slowly starting to unveil this disguise by walking away from core gaming. Gaming will always serve a purpose for Microsoft's Xbox brand, but I fear it will no longer be the focus.

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