Monday, May 27, 2013

Why Xbox One is Dead on Arrival where I live

All the 'always on', DRM protecting used games are actually nothing compared to the problems we face in regards to console gaming.

I live in a small, relatively poor country called Bangladesh (I'm sure the negative press helped garner a bit of attention). Well anyways, many people get wages far below the minimum international wage, so gaming is the least of the concerns. There are many gamers still and country is steadily growing in this media, however it is amazing to see such a growth because of the impossible obstacles that come between us every now and then. Every major problem seems to stem from one point: Lack of support from console manufacturers.

We don't have official support from Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft for the consoles and hence we don't have proper pricing model (usually much higher than 60$ many complain about and doesn't drop overtime), no warranty whatsoever, the consoles themselves cost a lot (when PS3 came first it cost about 975$) and finally, since our region is not defined properly by the manufacturers, our retailers get mixed region games. Now, perhaps the biggest reason Xbox 360 is heavily pirated (2nd only to PC) is because of region lock preventing us from running our mismatched region, yet still legit games, but PS3 didn't have such a problem being region free. So what happened was legit 360 games stopped coming as piracy rose up for the console, while PS3 remained home for the legit gamers.

With Xbox One already announced it is region locked, you can assure that this console is pretty much useless over here unless Microsoft officially launches, which I doubt it and I think there is a bigger chance for a PlayStation launch than an Xbox launch as Sony has quite a bit of presence here. What will happen is history will repeat itself, Xbox One will be a pirated console (once they crack it), all that remains is the PS4's region status. Here is hoping PS4 is region free.

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