Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gran Turismo 6 demo impressions: The interface

So I played a few rounds of GT 6 academy demo the PS3. I know the fact that GT 6 demos, unlike most demos, drastically reduce the visuals to make the download size small. So putting aside the visuals, I was more interested in how they changed the interface. One of the reasons I stopped playing GT5 was how horrible the interface was.

Polyphony Digital are the masters of crafting realistic cars, track and authenticity. Yet they fail horribly when it comes to interface. To many of you this might mean that I am just nitpicking. GT games are huge with laundry list of items and features to get around. Without a proper interface, going through those items, heck even knowing about their existence is impossible. So a good interface is a huge part of any videogame, especially complex video games. The original GT 5 had an interface which looked like it came straight from a web page from the late 90s and even mimicked the 56K era appropriate slowdowns during navigation. Now looking at the interface of GT 6 demo, not much has changed. Although it is smoother and perhaps a bit faster now.

Hopefully its due to the demo and they didn't implement the revamped interface. And for God's sake please remove the mouse pointer from the navigation!

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